How To Get In Touch With Your Spirituality In A Non-Oppressive Way

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Spirituality has become a pretty loaded word. Many think that church-goers own it. Others think that being spiritual means believing that crystals can heal cancer and auras are the ultimate tell-alls. The truth is, I have had a pretty complicated relationship with the word and concept in recent years. When I was 16 I joined […]

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Turmeric Lattes May Taste Good, But They’re Also Linked To Farmer Exploitation In India

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Go to any trendy coffee shop and you’ll be sure to spot an increasing number of students and health-conscious individuals warming their hands around a ceramic white coffee mug filled with a gold-colored liquid emanating with steam.  This rise of turmeric lattes, also known as golden milk, ties into the Western wellness industry’s growing influence […]

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Kerala Style duck curry with Coconut Milk Recipe

Kerala Style duck curry with Coconut Milk Recipe, is very dear to my heart and has an influence from Kerala cuisine. This is one of the famous dishes in Alappuzha district of kerala. There is something mystical about this duck curry as the aromas awakens your senses which in turn fires the appetite and it is hard for the taste buds to resist the temptation of this mouth watering duck curry. The sharpness of spices and pepper is well balanced with the richness of the coconut milk. 

Serve the Kerala Style duck curry with Coconut Milk Recipe along with Steamed Rice Recipe (Pressure Cooker & Sauce Pan Methods)  and Kerala Style Appam Recipe (Fermented Rice Pancakes With Coconut)

If you are looking for more Kerala recipes here are some : 

  1. Kerala Style Pazham Pori Recipe (Banana Fry)
  2. Kerala Style Appam Recipe (Fermented Rice Pancakes With Coconut)
  3. Kerala Style Egg Roast Curry Recipe
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Chickpea & Oats Falafel Recipe

The Chickpea Oats Falafel Recipe The traditional recipe is made from chickpeas, but this recipe has an additional healthy twist and that’s by using Saffola Masala Oats. This recipe is also made in Kuzhi Paniyaram pan to pan fry the falafel, making it healthier than the deep fried version.

Did You know: Chickpeas make for a very nutritious and healthy diet. It reduces cholesterol, prevents constipation and helps prevent digestive disorders. Chickpeas are rich in potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. It also has impressive amounts of iron, sodium, selenium and small amounts of copper, zinc and manganese.

You can serve the Chickpea Oats Falafel along with Lemon Coriander Hummus and Tabbouleh and Pita bread for a wholesome weeknight dinner.

If you like this recipe, you can also try other Falafel recipes such as

  1. Roasted Carrot Hummus Falafel Wrap Recipe
  2. Lebanese Chickpea falafel Recipe
  3. Delicious Spinach Falafels
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Doddapatre Soppina Chitranna Recipe (Spiced Indian Thyme Rice)

Doddapatre Soppina Chitranna (Indian Thyme Rice) Recipe is a one pot meal made with Thyme leaves as one of the main ingredients. Thyme leaves are called Doddapatre Soppu in Kannada. Its specialty lies in its health benefits and the ease of cooking. Doddapatre is a herb with medicinal properties well known for curing skin allergies, rashes and helpful in fighting dry cough.

Hence, Doddapatre Soppina Chitranna makes a great option for lunch boxes. Variants of this Indian Thyme Rice can also be prepared using broken wheat, foxtail millet and quinoa.

Take a look at the recipes that has thyme:

  1. Healthy Amaranth Potato Thyme Croquette Recipe
  2. Doddapatre Tambuli Recipe (Karpooravalli Thayir Pachadi)
  3. Baked Potato Thyme Rolls Recipe
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15 Comforting One-pot Meals That’s Incredibly Easy To Make!

All of us who have stayed alone in cities, away from our close friends and family members – have survived on outside food for months. The whole idea of messy dishes to just make a dinner for one, is simply not appealing. Every spoon, pot, pan, a knife used to make the said dinner would eventually lie at our mercy – piling up at one corner. And as we laid cooped up inside our beds, (in sickness and wellness) watching Netflix and chilling, we craved for something nice, warm and low-maintenance. To our rescue came one dish meals. 

Simple, nutritive, and convenient, these meals were perfect as dinner warming us up and filling our bellies. Oh, and did we mention that all of this came together in one pot?

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11 Lip Smacking Salsa Recipes Make Perfect Dips With Nachos

Each of us like our food in our unique ways that pleases our  palate, while some like it simple with subtle flavours, others like it robust and packed with flavours. Some of us fill ourselves with appetizers, and knick-knacks, others like their main course more. Here is a list for those who love their tit bits with some flavour burst in their mouth with these drool worthy salsas.

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Chicken Manchurian Dry Recipe

This Chicken Manchurian Dry is a lip smacking dish that is easy, quick and delicious,can be served as an appetizer or as a side dish along with the main course. 

Manchurian might not be an original Chinese dish but as far as we Indians are concerned, it is our most loved Chinese dish. Whether it is the famous Gobhi Manchurian or the many variations of veg ball Manchurian or the current case in point Chicken Manchurian, it has the potential to be our national dish if given a chance, yes we do love it so much.

Serve Chicken Manchurian Dry as is an an appetizer or along with Spicy Schezuan Vegetarian Noodles for a delicious weekend dinner.

If you like this recipe you can also try other Chinese recipes such as

  1. Mushroom Chilli
  2. Indo-Chinese Paneer Manchurian 
  3. Vegetarian Thukpa


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Broccoli Paratha Recipe

Broccoli has many health benefits. It reduces cholesterol, improves heart health and it is a powerful antioxidant. The high fiber content in this vegetable aids in digestion, prevents constipation, maintains low blood sugar, and curbs overeating. Make this paratha and you can pack in your kids lunch box also. 

Serve Broccoli Paratha along with Dhaniya Pudina Chutney and Boondi Raita for your weekday meal.

If you like this recipe, you can also try other recipes such as

  1. Ajwain Besan Ka Paratha Recipe
  2. Nutty Aloo Paratha Recipe
  3. Palak Paratha Recipe


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