Quick Cauliflower Sabzi Recipe – Phool Gobi Sabzi Recipe

Quick Cauliflower Sabzi or the Phool Gobi Sabzi is a delicious vegetable that can be made with simple ingredients. Adding just a few spices like garam masala, along with the onion, ginger and tomatoes into the cauliflower sabzi brings out the best flavors from it.

Did you know: Eating a low-carb vegetables is a smart way to help prevent the blood sugar from going up. Cauliflower is a non-starchy, low-carbohydrate vegetable that is packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber and low in calories as well.

Cauliflower is also rich in vitamin C, fiber, potassium, and folate and hence makes a great vegetable for a diabetic diet.

Serve Quick Cauliflower Sabzi with Whole Wheat Lachha Paratha and Boondi Raita  for a simple and delicious lunch.

If you are looking for a Indian diabetic meal, serve the Quick Cauliflower Sabzi along with Barnyard Millet Pulao and Palak Raita for lunch or dinner.

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