Creamy Phirni Recipe – North Indian Rice Pudding

Phirni is creamy milk based sweet dish popular in North Indian cuisine and even in Pakistani cuisine. The method of preparation of phirni is quite easy and its presentation makes the dish quite palatable. Phirni recipe can be prepared with various common and exotic ingredients.

Rice is ground to a grainy texture and then added to boiling milk to make this creamy phirni. Since the rice is soaked it take just a few minutes for the rice to cook. Addition of rice thickens the milk. You can make phirni ahead of time and keep it refrigerated. Hence it is a great dessert recipe to be served to your guests at a house party or festival gatherings. 

Serve Creamy Phirni as a dessert after your scrumptious meal or make it during Ramadan to celebrate the festival.

Serve Creamy Phirni with delicious meal of Aloo Gobi Ki SabziAjwain Puri and Boondi Raita on a weekend for brunch or a meal.

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