Manipuri Style Chak Angouba Recipe – Vegetable Pulao Recipe

Rice is a staple food in Manipur. To make Manipuri Style Chak Angouba Recipe – Vegetable Pulao Recipe black rice is preferred  more than the normal white rice. Using black rice changes the flavour profile of Manipuri Style Chak Angouba completely. Fresh homegrown vegetables are added to make this delicious fried rice.  

You can use left over rice to make Manipuri Style Chak Angouba and since it is an easy dish to make you can make and pack this tasty fried rice into your office lunch boxes and kids lunch boxes. 

Manipuris also prefer to use many herbs like chives for their everyday dish, this dish also consists of chives which is tossed along with the rice but we have not added in this recipe, but you can add them or spring onions instead in case if you do not have chives. 

Serve the Manipuri Style Chak Angouba Recipe – Vegetable Pulao Recipe along with Smoked Tandoori Paneer Tikka Recipe and Lauki Raita Recipe  to finish your Sunday meal. 

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