Keto 154 – Ketogenic Girl Vanessa Spina talks about getting the most out of your Keto

Today Brian is joined by fellow podcaster, book writer, and keto legend in her own right, Vanessa Spina, The Ketogenic Girl. After getting a quick rundown of Vanessa’s past and background we dive deep into her present. She’s been keto for many years now, started before it was cool, and has found solutions for where ketonians often find they have issues. She shares her wisdom with us today. We’re also excited to say she will be sharing her expertise with us at KetoCon so you won’t want to miss it.

Vanessa’s most commonly observed keto mistakes and possible solutions

  • Lack of testing when you do not see progress
    • Her tip: Glucose/blood ketone testing can be a lifesaver
  • Having keto sweetened in drinks throughout the day and how it might spike your insulin even though it’s keto approved.
    • Her tip: If you eat or drink something with sweeteners, make sure to have them with a meal so you can consolidate your insulin spikes

Contact Info:

Instagram: @Ketogenicgirl

Facebook: The Ketogenic Girl 

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