Nutty Oats Almond Truffle Recipe – A Healthy Snack

The Nutty Oats Almond Truffle Recipe, is a simple and quick to make snack that you will simply love. Packed with almonds, dates, flax seeds, cocoa, vanilla and NutriChoice Oats Almond & Milk biscuits which helps bind these truffles together. 

Lot of us face a very common issue at work where we are looking to eat healthy and pack healthy dabbas for office. But when it comes to snacking, our taste buds are looking for something tasty and one ends up eating the samosas and pakoras putting the nutrition off the charts. So here is a delicious and tasty snack, that is simple to make which you can pack into your lunch box. 

Store the Nutty Oats Almond Truffle Recipe in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 weeks and serve them as a wholesome mid morning snack, evening snack or even pack it into your office lunch dabba or kids school lunch box.

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