New relationship with someone who’s gluten intolerant – looking for helpful tips!

I recently started a friendship with someone who’s gluten intolerant, I’m lactose intolerant so we always joke about what a pair we make.

We usually go out to eat, or at her house so I’ve learned a little bit about her ways of avoiding gluten. She has a friend she thinks I’d be interested in romantically, who’s also GF.

I love cooking, and cook most of my food to avoid dairy, but am looking for possible tips or places to read up on cooking GF, and some recommended cooking sites or books. Especially because I have and do use gluten products in my kitchen. I want to explore all these options now – even if nothing happens between us, I still have my friend and I’d love to have her over for a great dinner! (Without the fear of her reacting in anyway) 🙂

also if anyone has tips on what steps I can take to make sure my kitchen is clean I’d much appreciate that, I of course clean counters and utensils all the time, but they have touched gluten in some form at least once in their life

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