Very pleased with how my GF pizza attempt turned out. I shouted to my wife “We’re back!!”

No worries. The Imgur post here doesn’t have the video of the dough mixing (because Imgur doesn’t do video like that?) IG post has that one.

I’m so pumped about this Breville oven BTW. I borrowed one for a week and told my wife “I’m sorry, I have to buy it.” The GF news came a week after that, so finding a viable pizza option is a life-saver.

For Half the cost, but perhaps a little more work, you may want to look into the new Ooni Koda oven. It uses a propane element, which may make it a little odd to use indoors, but also makes it portable for picnics and camping.

Also, tried making grilled pizza yet? I maintain that it’s the best pizza you can do without having a proper pizza oven. This is a pretty good overview:

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