So I am gluten Intolerant, and generally avoid all gluten, however I am not Celiac. I find I have an adverse reaction (Stomach problems) to most things containing gluten, but if it’s just one small thing I can usually be okay. Example, I put light soy sauce in some of my cooking, but as soon as I pour too much soy sauce onto my rice, it effects me. 1 tbls of flour to thicken a sauce? Okay, but more then that in something like a gravy effects me.

My question is about beer. Now, I have seen a lot on the internet about a lot of beers passing home test kits, as seen here, but I was wondering what everyone elses opinion on this is? And I am wondering if anyone has tried this on Molson Canadian?

Usually I drink Estrella Daura Damm or whatever, the “Gluten removed” beer and I have generally not had an issue. But I was hoping to be able to participate in an event tonight, and the provided (free) beer is Molson Canadian… I’ll probably not risk it today, but I was just wondering what everyone else thought about the above test kits, and testing mainstream beers.

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