A long shot question


I’m pretty desperate to connect with anyone that’s kind of gone through what i’m going through.

I’m 25, a nutritionist, and live a pretty active lifestyle. Last year, I wanted to shave off the last of the baby weight, (I had my daughter 2/2016) and I made it to 135lbs from 160lbs feeling good. Slowly but surely, things started changing. I started losing a lot of weight, 135.. to 130.. to 125 down to 110 and i’m like, alright… im not eating as much, i’m not really hungry lack of appetite, my poop starting changing to really foul smelling mush. I finally see a doctor, we run some tests… this is Fall 2018. CT scan, endoscopy, colonoscopy, allergy testing, blood and thyroid testing, etc.

Everything came back relatively normal.. except the allergy tests. I’ had a severe reaction to Peanuts, almonds, rice, wheat and strawberries. (Seafood and beef too, but I’m a vegetarian). After a few weeks and reaching 110lbs at 5’5, I completely cut out rice and wheat at my doctors instruction.

It’s been four days living wheat free and for the first time, on day two – my poop had some sort of consistency to it and it was an actual piece of poop compared to a pile of diarrhea mush. This is great news right? I’m just so overwhelmed and confused if I can or can’t have ” shared equipment with” or if I should eliminate anything else.. how strict I have to be with oats… like I just am soo confused. I’m also lacking meals… I can have corn and oats I think, it’s just so confusing! how do you mourn the loss of all my favorite foods? I’m going out today to buy some gluten free bread so at least I can have a sunflower seed and jelly sandwich. Anyone have any advice? Been through anything similar? suggestions? TIA

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