Am I the wrong one?

A little background info: I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I’m gluten intolerant. I haven’t been fully diagnosed by a doctor but I started showing symptoms last August and did an elimination diet any time I had anything with gluten in it my hands and feet swell, turn red and itch to the point that I can’t sleep at night. In addition to itching I feel nauseous for days on end which all of these things combined increase my anxiety.

So, again I’m very new to the gluten free lifestyle and everything that comes a long with it.

But one of the harder things is having people BELIEVE I actually have an allergy.

Now to the point of the post… I have a coworker who did whole30 a few years ago and decided that she’s allergic to gluten and dairy because she bloats.

Yesterday we had a small potluck just a few coworkers that sit near each other. There was chili, corn chips, (both GF) then there were some pastry and casserole ( not GF). She refused to eat the casserole because it wasn’t gluten free and because it had dairy in it ( sour cream and apparently she hates sour cream). Well homegirl scarfed down 1/2 a pastry , then later her soup and then a full pastry.

I expressed some annoyance to one or my other coworkers saying that it’s annoying that she claims to have a gluten allergy but then still eats some stuff with gluten and not others.

My coworker said well maybe her allergy isn’t as bad as yours and she can pick and choose when she does or doesn’t want to eat it. She then said that I was probably jealous that she could sometimes eat it while I couldn’t. (I’m not jealous).

To be honest, my biggest issue with it is that because she tells people she’s allergic but then eats anyway it makes more people prone to not believing MY allergy is real because I can’t eat it at all.

Anyway, since I’m new to this whole gluten thing or lack there of are there gluten allergies where you can eat it and your worst reaction is just bloat and you can go about your merry way? Or am I right in feeling like she’s just saying she has a gluten allergy but probably really doesn’t and is making it harder for people with actual allergies to be believed.

As I’m typing this, I realize/feel I’m doing to her what people do to me in regards to believing her.

Anyway any feedback is appreciated

TLDR: Coworker says she’s allergic to gluten but eats it when she wants to. I’m afraid she’s making it harder for people with real allergies to be believed.

Edit: sorry! Like I said I’m super new to this and definitely do not want to contribute to misinformation but thanks for educating me. Yes, I believe what I have is an intolerance and I apologize for using them interchangeably. If I remember correctly she uses them interchangeably as well. Also, I have an appt for an actual test with my GI in May and determine if my actual self DX is correct.

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