Looking for meal ideas for regular travel.

So I travel pretty regularly to visit family and such and it’s usually only for a night or two at a time where I spend the night at a hotel. It’s a very small town with extremely limited fast food/restaurant options and even less GF options.

My go to on this trip is usually just simple GF PB&J sandwiches, but after about a year I just can’t do it anymore. Any ideas for easy travel meals that are doable in a hotel setting (microwave/fridge only essentially). Would prefer to travel without need of ice or cooler if possible but still open to any suggestions. I’m pretty set snack wise though always open to those as well.

Even after a year of gluten free eating I still struggle to think of options and I still feel extremely new to it all. I usually just find 2-3 safe options and eat them for months so I’m still figuring things out, especially when those options are somewhat hindered by travel. Thanks for any help I really appreciate it.


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