Gluten free raspberry, rose and pistachio cheesecake with coconut and almond base [home made ]

So in as far as recipe going I went off eye, feel n taste a bit So look here’s what I remember …

Crust …. Shredded coconut (Maybe 2 small handfuls) almonds (same amount as coco) 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon —blitzed in food processor Melted Coconut oil or butter mixed through. —- press into base .. set in fridge for 2 hours

Cheesecake … 1kg cream cheese 300g sour cream 5 eggs 2 Tablespoons corn flour 1 lemon juice n zest Lil vanilla

I put some whole raspberries in through cheese mix … Bake for about an hour or 1.5 at 160

For topping I cooked out frozen raspberries and rose water with agar agar to set and after cake is cooled I topped it

Toasted pistachio with coconut, coconut oil n maple till sticky and added that around the rim ..

Hope that works for yall… ?


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