Gluten induced body odor? Could this be Celiac disease? Please help

I’m suspecting I have celiac disease, getting a blood test next week. Before this I had another blood test and had a severe B12 deficiency — supposedly average levels for B12 is 1,200 and up — mine was 200.

Ever since I started working right next to a bakery I’ve been experiencing really bad body odor. We’re in the same building and right next to them, so I think I’m constantly inhaling the flour in the air for hours each day. The reactions are worse if I had beers the night before.

I know it’s not my imagination, several people have told me that I smell bad. And the smell is recent, before this I used to travel a lot on planes (6 – 8 times per year) and there were zero complaints about an odor. Now I’m getting complaints daily at work and it’s horrible.

I haven’t cut out gluten yet but I want to try an elimination diet asap. I’ve been to ENTs and dentists to see if it was tonsil or teeth/gum related, and everything checked out fine. Also had a colonoscopy and everything was normal. Hygiene is good though I don’t smell like it (showers daily, only clean clothes, tongue scrape, brush 3 times per day, house is clean, etc.) — just can’t get rid of this awful odor.


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