Finding Alternatives to Non-Keto Cravings, And What I Believe is Irreplaceable

Simply put, going on a strict keto diet is not easy. Everyone’s experience is entirely different — some things that may be easy to give up for some may be near impossible to give up for others. In my personal experience, defeating the cravings for irreplaceable carbs such as bread and pasta has been the hardest barrier to overcome.

Many believe that cutting out sugars, and therefore desserts, is the hardest part about staying true to a ketogenic diet. However, I believe that this could not be further from the truth. There are so many alternatives to sugar that are essentially carb free that can be substituted into a multitude of recipes to create incredible desserts.

For example, the brand Diabetic Kitchen, which has many products that can be purchased on Amazon, has created a line of box mixes that taste nearly identical to the real, carbohydrate-packed foods that we all know and love. Brownies, pancakes, and cookies are only the beginning of what this delicious brand has to offer, and Diabetic Kitchen has played a pivotal role in my success on my keto journey.

Another incredible brand that can be most easily found at Target is Quest. Quest is most famously known for their protein bars, but they also have created foods that are so low in net carbs yet so delicious that I sometimes still feel guilty for enjoying them. Their best products, in my opinion, are their individual chocolate chip cookies and their full size frozen pizzas.

Although some great alternatives to sugary desserts and unhealthy foods are on the market, I cannot say the same for plain bread or pastas. As an Italian on the keto diet, something I now realize I never fully appreciated or took advantage of is the simple pleasure of piece of bread and butter or a dish of spaghetti in marinara sauce.

Some brands may try to fool you with their perfect packaging, seemingly wonderful reviews, and products that appear the same as the foods you recognize. But you will realize soon enough, as soon as you take a bite, that these dupes are absolutely no comparison to the real deal. Breads and pastas are irreplaceable.

Thankfully, I have these sweets to keep me sane.


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