Myths About Doing Keto the “Right Way”

There is a sizable stigma surrounding the ketogenic diet. Many believe that as a result of doing keto the “right way,” or the “textbook way,” your body neglects to receive the nutrients it needs, goes into starvation mode, develops cholesterol or heart problems, or even sees a shortened lifespan.

The truth of the matter is that there is no “right way.”

As previously acknowledged in my former post about clean keto and lazy keto, everyone who ventures into the ketogenic diet can do it an incredibly different way. As long as one intakes a low amount of carbs and a high amount of fat, no matter the source, your body will likely enter a state of ketosis.

Yes, if one’s strategy for surviving keto is eating bun-less cheeseburger each and every day, they may develop heart or cholesterol problems. And yes, if one chooses to eat snacks such as chocolates filled with sugar alcohols or cheese sticks, they may see a lack of nutrients in their diet.

I would argue that if there is any “right way” to do the keto diet and succeed, it is by maintaining balance. And this indisputably varies between every individual.

Everyone deserves to indulge, but it is true that your body also needs its nutrients to be able to perform correctly. Below are some of my absolute staples in my keto journey.

Those cookies are my famous keto peanut butter cookies, that I may post the recipe for some time in the future. They are absolutely delicious, low-carb, and indulgent.

You might be asking, are those tortilla chips in your nachos? That’s not keto! You’d be correct. That’s because they’re not tortilla chips — they’re Quest tortilla chips! In a previous post, I mentioned my love for Quest products, and their chips are no exception. And, notably, these are not regular nachos. They’re buffalo-chicken nachos. All wonderfully keto.

Lastly, one of my favorite vegetables in the world — the Brussel sprout. Brussel sprouts do have some hidden carbs, but eaten in moderation they power up my body, give me energy, and are definitely heart healthy. Not to mention, they are also delicious, contrary to what kids think.


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