Help me understand my bread recipe

I’ve been experimenting with a simple bread recipe. I started with this, and it worked reasonably well.

165 grams rice flour 3.5 grams psyllium husk .5 tsp yeast .5 tsp salt 1 tsp sugar 1 egg white plus water to make .75 cups

Mix all the dry ingredients together, mix in the wet ingredients, rise for two hours, shape, rise for 30 minutes, bake with steam. Made a fine little boule, though not as fluffy as I’d hoped.

My second attempt, I increased the yeast, sugar, and psyllium by 50%. I also mixed the yeast and sugar together in the liquid before mixing into the dry ingredients.

The final loaf had larger air pockets in it, but it looks like most of the gas escaped the dough. The boule didn’t rise in the oven and ended up very flat.

Before my next experiment, I was hoping to find some understanding of the science here. Which of my changes broke things? How can I best achieve a fluffier loaf?


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