Help Request with Trader Joe’s Everything Bagels

Ever since Trader Joe’s introduced GF everything bagels they have been one of my favorite snacks. Up until this point they have been consistently awesome. However, of late there is a significant lack of the “everything” spices. When you look at the bag they look covered in it, but when you take one out of the bag, you see that it is only the edges that are covered; the top and bottom are totally devoid of any spices at all. I am very upset about this, I called them and asked if they would fix it and they said only if lots of people filled out the form to say what I am saying. So if you want to help me keep a GF treat alive you could do so by filling out this form:

Product Name: Gluten Free Everything Bagels

SKU: 00631648

Complaint: Something along the lines of: “Recently there has been an insultingly low amount of the “everything” spices on the everything bagels, please rectify this.”


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