Chili Cheese Fries !!

luke Being on the Keto diet, i have missed chili cheese fries so much! So, of course i looked up a recipe! I found a chili recipe i liked before i upgraded to chili cheese fries. I got a chili recipe from here & didn’t need to add anything because it was perfect! HOWEVER, because I wanted chili cheese fries, I made one batch of chili with the hot dogs & another without. My family and I differ on preferences when it comes to chili cheese fries, which was why i made two different batches. (BOTH GOT GOOD REVIEWS!)

Fries….. i missed fries. how the heck do you replace fries?! JICAMA!!! you buy one, chop it up into fry pieces…. boil it in water for 15 minutes to soften. THEN put them in an oven safe pan with avocado oil and seasonings. Put them in the oven in 400 degree heat for 30 min, flipping them halfway. TADA!!! put the two recipes together and BOOM. CHILI CHEESE FRIES!!


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