Weird side-effects after removing gluten

I don’t follow this sub but guessed it might be the right place to field this question. If not, sorry!

I tested negative for celiacs but definitely have some level of gluten intolerance. I started limiting gluten about a month ago and have been entirely gluten free for a week. At first, I was delighted to realize my discomfort was going away and I had so much more energy.

The past few days/nights, I’ve been feeling almost too energetic, like I’m perpetually over-caffeinated. There is a slight tightness in my throat, my face feels tingly/warm, and around dinnertime I start to feel a really uncomfortable restlessness in my arms. I’ve read about gluten intolerance causing RLS, but I can’t find anything online about it happening after removing gluten. It’s ruining my sleep and is overall making me really anxious.

Has anyone else experienced unpleasant/unexpected side effects to removing gluten? Does it go away? Or do I have something else going on that’s just coincidentally manifesting now?


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