Sisters Jeanine and Chris have lost 110 pounds combined

Transformation of the Day: Jeanine and her sister Chris have lost 110 pounds combined this year. Via Instagram, they learned about challenges that motivated them and provided the guidance they were looking for. They also switched to a plant-based lifestyle. Check out their story.

Jeanine and Chris before and after

My name is Jeanine. I am 34 years old. (I will be 35 in July.) My teenage daughter will be going off to college next year, so I realized that I’m going to have to get a life again! I have been doing my mom thing for so long, and I’ve been so focused on my daughter that I lost sight of the things that were important to me.

I have always struggled with my size. When I was a child, I was not technically overweight because I was active. I had muscle tone from dance and athletics, but I was always thick.

I see family and friends who are getting sick, and it just hit me that I have to make a change! Thank God my little sister Chris was in the exact same space as me. She is five years younger. We decided that we had to switch things up now or else we may wind up with diabetes, heart disease or other issues related to obesity. We decided that 2019 is our year. We are going to get everything we want out of this year and every year following.

We talked about making a change every often. Then, in December 2018, someone I was following on Instagram (Sharde @_iamthenumber4_) decided to start a challenge. It was more so a call to action as there was no incentive or prize offered. Her #Sweatcheck100 held us accountable. My sister and I decided to stop all the behavior that was not conducive to the lifestyle we wanted, like eating late, overindulging in fried foods, and drinking. We just dropped everything cold turkey on January 1, 2019.

We both cut out all meat, all dairy, anything fried, sugar, sodium and anything white. We increased our produce intake. We focused on plant-based protein sources and really took a close look at what we were putting into our bodies and how those things would benefit us. We don’t believe in any fad diets. We generally knew what was right for our bodies and what wasn’t.

My younger sister works in retail, so she’s always on her feet and moving around. She was able to commit to working out three days a week. I, on the other hand, am glued to my desk for eight hours a day. So I committed to working out no less than five days per week to make up for my sedentary work day. I do cardio for at least five days, and I weight train for at least three of those days as well.

In January we did great! I lost 28 pounds, and my sister did too! In February, we hit a plateau even though we were doing the same thing that we did in January. We knew it was time for a change. The same person I was following on Instagram for the #SweatCheck100 challenge posted that her colleagues were starting a challenge for March. The challenge included a meal plan, free boot camps, an amazing workout, and fitness community app, and 1:1 support with trainers for $25. There was also a $1000 prize for the winner. I lost 30lbs in March with the @pushuphilly weight loss challenge!

I started on January 1, 2019, at 5’5″ and weighing 304 pounds. I currently weigh 237 pounds. My sister is 5’7,” and she started off this year weighing 284 pounds. Now, she is down to 241 pounds.

Jeanine before and after

The biggest thing that I’ve learned this go around is that it is all mind over matter. Previously, I had a love affair with food. I love good savory food. Now I have altered my mindset to fall out of love with food and recognize that food is actually just fuel for my body. Now I love working out and finding new ways to workout.

We are now three+ months in and 110 pounds down between the two of us. We couldn’t be happier. We have been successful thus far only because we have each other and a host of InstaFam! When I am ready to eat something that I shouldn’t, my sister is there to intervene and motivate me. When she falls off the track, I get her right back in line. Sometimes I don’t feel like going to the gym, but when I log on to Instagram and see everyone posting their #SweatCheck100 check-in or their #PushUWeightlossChallenge meals I’m motivated to get right back to it!

We were too cheap for surgery, so we decided that we will see what we can do without it. So far, we are on a roll. If anyone is just starting their weight loss journey, the best piece of advice I can give is “Just start!” Just start moving, just start choosing better foods, and just start drinking more water. If you mess up, just start right back over and keep going! You don’t need to pay a million bucks for a private chef and go to an expensive gym.

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