Traveling for a month in the UK, looking for GF tips please!

I’ll be spending June driving all over the UK (England, Whales, Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland). I’m from the US so I was wondering how easy or hard it is to find things that are safe to eat? I have celiac, so it’s a seriously no gluten unless I want to totally mess up my trip. I’m filling the bottom 1/3 of my big suitcase with Kind Bars and gf granola and buying yogurt and cheese for breakfast. Any good brands, or local foods that are safe to eat? Any tips on do’s or don’ts? I also don’t eat red meat, so that’s an extra challenge. Bonus to any tips for things I must see or specific restaurants.

We’re staying in Bath, Broom, Broseley, Llandudno, Manchester, Red Dial, Belfast, Dublin, Dingle, Galway, Glasgow, Oban, Inverness, Edinburgh, Consett, York, & London.

I have to admit I’m so excited to see everything and dreading eating out each night and risking being so sick. It’s my biggest fear, ruining the trip by getting so sick. How well is celiac handled there?

Thank you!


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