I don’t know where else to ask for advice and the last support group I asked just made my anxiety about it worse

Can food intolerance cause, forgive the odd question, changes in stool color? I’m currently cutting gluten completely out of my diet, but for the past year my stool has been yellow-brown. For breads I only ate Dave’s Killer brand, since it’s soy free, but I’m assuming that either the gluten or grains/seeds have caused my stool concerns. I don’t currently have a gastroenterologist, and I’m on Medicaid. I do have some pretty bad hypochondria, so of course my mind is jumping to the worst, and I could really use some reassurance or advice while I’m trying to find a gastro. If it helps, I’m willing to answer any questions anyone has to figure this out.

Edit; in March 2018 I was 188lbs, now down to 127lbs, with no exercise, only diet changes. (Cut out all soy)

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