My Full Review Of The 28 Day Keto Challenge

I want to do this review as short as possible so sit back and enjoy! For the past years i was overweight and i did not really cared about how i look or how people would perceived me. I accepted the fact that this was my life’s norms and that i would never change the way i look, Just last year i got to start my first job and my medical results showed my LDL “bad cholesterol” and blood sugar were above normal, You and i know how hard it is to go through our everyday life some think we were doing fine but heck!

I was considered “Obese I” dont get me started with my BMI and how much sugar and unbalanced macros i consumed everyday to make the problem short i was 208lbs 5’11. i knew deep inside that something has to change for the better. And my journey on trying out all sorts of Painstakingly purchase of expensive slimming products were a failure.

i bumped on this program whom a friend introduced to me, at first i didnt really mind it but i started to do research on it and read good reviews online about it so my journey started.

week 1- it was tough i lost 10lbs but i persevered because i was feeling a little bit light and every day i feel less bloated. keto flu was tough but the program provided infos about the remedy to it and i slept like a baby, lost 11 lbs on week 1

5th day and i was in optimal keto already!

week 2-was easy seems like my body was starting to adapt keto and i lost 7lbs, same same nothing special what seems to be different is i feel my face slimming down.

week 3- was like a walk in the park , i was living normal eating the keto way and i can feel the burn i was sweating like crazy. in this week i can truly say i was on keto i can feel it, Lost 8lbs

week 4- was the judgement day and i couldnt be any more happier about the results i was seeing, i can even wear my old pants, great! , i lost 8lbs

Over all i was having FUN as im seeing results while i was lossing fat, The rest of the weeks were pretty much easy and meal plan was manageable thanks to the program i was following and all of my questions were there including what to do and eat socially Having this program is Great because it taught me the exact optimal keto way, before i found this program i was doing keto diet on my own i came to a point in hitting on a fat loss plateau and it stalled my progress, my weight was slowly creeping up and i was gaining fat again as my body adapted to keto but now Thanks to this program it helped me overcome it, all of the ESSENTIAL informations are in the program. The program has a lot of UNIQUE varities of cheap easy recipes, instructions on what to do and methods, i have not felt the keto flu really that much at all except on the first week of doing it which was only a few days, all i did was to really follow all instructions in the program, repeat it and every single run i made ,i consistently see results i can definitely say i achieved it EFFORTLESSLY!

after 3months of doing and repeating the process i was able to lose a whooping 68 lbs and now i am enjoying 140lbs criteria , sleep is definitely the quality of sleep that i have not experienced for years!! And the level of confidence i have right now is crazy and i am able to run a few miles and reach areas that i thought i am never gonna be able to reach before! hahahaha thank God for keto! all i did is follow the program and basically spoon fed me infos! it was very easy than i thought it would be


i will give this program a 9/10 though they might improve on how they explain thoroughly the effects of the diet on a “dummy level” which sometimes i would not understand but over all it was a great experience for me and I would not mind recommending it to my friends as well and to you guys!

I have a favour that im asking for you , i want to help the world, the people like me who is having a hard time to look and feel good, the people who have ailments, the people who is being fooled by the market in buying pointless supplementation, I want you to help me improve their lives and share this.

i followed this program below:

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