Coeliac and wheat allergy?

Hello there, I hope this is the right place to post this! I’m from the UK and have had little success getting a GP to give me any clear answer on this.

Seven years ago, I was diagnosed with a wheat allergy. Since being young, I have had many allergies and lots of digestive problems (diarrhoea, repeated bouts of anaemia and so on), as well as pretty severe eczema. At 12 years, I was tested for a wheat allergy after coming up in hives to my elbows while kneading pizza dough, and the blood test came back positive. Since then I have mostly excluded wheat from my diet, maybe having a wheat containing meal once a month? But I don’t avoid sausages or gravy.

My iron stores have remained low and recently a doctor mentioned that this could be due to coeliac disease. He gave me a blood test form and when I told him that I couldn’t just ‘eat three slices of bread a day’ he said that I could manage it for a few weeks. I left feeling confused and frustrated, and knowing that I wouldn’t be eating bread because I remember how different I felt when I stopped eating it.

So my question is, can I find out if I’m coeliac? Is there any test I can do (like genetic testing or something) that doesn’t involve re-introducing wheat back into my diet? Alternatively, is there any way to get enough barley/rye/other gluten into my diet so the blood test would definitely show positive if I was coeliac? I know Crunchy Nut cereal which I sometimes have for breakfast has barley in, but it’s not anything close to the 10g that is recommended for gluten challenges right?

Thank you for reading and sorry if this is the wrong place. I’m tempted to just forget about the whole coeliac thing but on the off chance I do have it, that would be quite unhealthy I suppose. Just really don’t want to reintroduce wheat everyday!

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