Gluten free diet is causing hair thinning

Hello! I’ve recently went gluten free about 2/3 months ago for dietary purposes, and also because I’ve always seemed to have a weird reaction to beer and bread (sneezing a lot and excessive bloating). I eat vegetarian, and I wouldn’t label myself as vegan but I don’t normally consume dairy products besides maybe yogurt and butter.

Anyway, I’ve been noticing over the past month that my hair has been thinning an excessive amount. My whole life I’ve had super intense locks. My mom and brother have the same absurdly thick and fast growing hair, so I know it’s genetics. The hair thinning is beginning to make me nervous because I know it’s the result of a nutrient deficiency, I’m just not exactly sure how to fix it or if the gluten free diet is the leading cause. Has anyone else experienced this when switching to gluten free? Or can anyone recommend what I can do to reverse this I.e. what vitamins I can take, etc? I’d really appreciate the help!

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