how is it to eat fast food in america?

My wife has Celiac disease.

She’s successfully eaten the Cantina Power Bowl at Taco Bell. She can also eat the fries from Burger King (They’re SUPPOSED to have a dedicated fries-only deep fryer).

She’s also eaten burgers at Wendy’s…but is adamant that there be zero bun contact what-so-ever with the patty. It’ll usually come in a plastic clamshell container like they put their baked potatoes in. She’s also eaten the Wendy’s baked potatoes and the Frosties, I believe.

At ChickFilA she can have the grilled “nuggets” and the grilled chicken sandwiches on their GF bun.

At Culver’s she can have their grilled chicken salads.

At QDoba she can have several things as long as she asks the “builder” to change their gloves. No flour tortillas nor chips/queso.

She can also have a lot of stuff at Chipotle.

And, believe it or not, she’s also successfully eaten at Subway several times. She gets a breakfast sandwich but uses the egg as the “bread”. Always asks for a glove change and a few new papers put down on the counter as it’s made.

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