i have to get a blood test to see if i have celiac disease, and i’m frustrated by this change

A little bit of context- i’m 30 years old, and lately, i’ve noticed awful bowel movements. by lately, i mean the past couple of years. i recently ate some rice crackers, and noticed it wasn’t upsetting my stomach unlike a lot of other snacks. i checked the package, and sure enough, it said “gluten free”. then, i researched the symptoms, many of which i have- bloating, diarrhea, constipation, depression, anxiety. i’m not claiming to be celiac or gluten, but these symptoms did match. and then i started taking it all in- the many times i’ve eaten pasta and felt horrible, the many times i’ve had anything with a bun or bread, the bloating.

i went to my doctor this monday and told him about what i’ve done, which is going free from gluten and noticing the pattern. he recommended that i get a blood test to check for celiac disease ($128 because it’s not covered by OHIP- ontario health insurance plan). i felt good for a week, but then i didn’t. there are things that have gluten which aren’t so obvious. i’ve eaten potato wedges from tim horton’s thinking that was the only option without gluten. well, today i had it and noticed the burning in my stomach. i checked it’s ingredients online- it includes wheat. this is making it difficult. now i feel that i have to restart my gluten free diet.

i haven’t done my blood test yet, but i’m nervous as heck, and this’ll be a HUGE adjustment to my life if it comes back positive. if it doesn’t, at least i know my body doesn’t like gluten anyway. i’m already vegetarian by choice, so from where i am now, i’m already limiting my diet by a ton and having to spend a lot more for gluten free foods and snacks. there’s so much stuff out there that has wheat, but oddly enough, i’m not as tempted as i thought i’d be.

if there’s a silver lining to all this, i guess it’s that i’m more careful of what i eat. i’m sure i’ll get used to it, but right now i just have to vent and blame myself for not noticing all this sooner.

thanks for reading!


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