Your Doctor Doesn’t Like You

When you go to the doctor you had better be careful in how you present yourself because the first time he/she meets you, it is very much like a job interview. You are being carefully weighed and measured in the mind of an elitist. He judges your value to society. Are you a productive intelligent contributor to the world? Or are you a leeching taker and complete waste of his time. All the while the patient has absolutely no clue about this brutal judgement on their character and how it might affect them or their loved one’s outcome. I remember watching a video of Dr. Jay Nielsen on YouTube where he was talking to this fellow (I forget the gentleman’s name) on Reluctant Preppers and was saying “If you get the sense your doctor doesn’t like you, you run.” I can absolutely confirm this to be true having worked around doctors back in the day. Doctors sometimes slip up and say what they really think while writing in their patient’s chart at times. I think in the act of writing in a relaxed setting they tend to let their guard down.

I remember one night I was at the nursing station doing some charting of my own and this nice, middle aged, gay, seemingly pleasant and personable doctor, began charting on a patient I was very familiar with. The woman was ignorant, didn’t take instruction well, and was just encumbered with a low IQ at birth which she of course, had no control over that circumstance. He said without looking up from her chart, “Man, she is just a useless slug.” I was deeply troubled by his words. After all, I could understand him being frustrated, but we are dealing with a human being here, not some piece of hardware. Later as I thought about those words and voiced my anger over those words to other coworkers, I began to realize that this now mean ol’ doctor that I once liked, had actually voiced my own thoughts for me and it reflected something in me I didn’t like. And I suddenly became aware at how jaded I had become and how far I had fallen from the principles not only learned from school, but from my parents. Was I becoming what I hated, or had I always been that way and had repressed it? We all have a shadow that we have to reckon with, but before we can incorporate it into our existence and keep it in check, you first must see it. So do you really believe that woman was going to get the best care afforded to her. Not a chance in hell.

On the other end of the spectrum I have seen a doctor operate a code on a police officer that had died from a heart attack in his forties for well over an hour and a half, (where had it been some nameless guy off the street it would have been over in 5 minutes) as his wife and 13 year old daughter stand sobbing outside the room. The young doctor later confessed that the reason he went to such extreme measures to save this man’s life (which we unfortunately did not) was because of the crying young girl.

So do you have an ace in the hole to bolster your chances, something that just might save your ass in the bottom of the 9th? “What are you worth?”, decides many things in life, and unfortunately there will be a biased human judge making that decision for you eventually.

It’s important to realize that a doctor is just a glorified mechanic. They are in love with the science and not the patient. The patient is a bio mechanical product of evolution that they get to tinker with and get to use their intellects on. You are a puzzle game to them on a good day, and a nuisance to the world on a bad day, nothing more. Being moral and good is not a prerequisite to the medical professions, but they damn sure ought to be.

To sum up, I am confident that at least 80% of disease processes afflicting humanity can be cured and negated by diet alone. So why is it that so many doctors just shove pills at patients instead of teaching their patient the proper way to live? For one, time is money and pills get you out of their office quicker so they can get to the next cash cow faster. And secondly, they do not deem most people worthy of their time and effort of following through with a challenging dietary regimen, that is to say, they don’t think the patient will do what needs to be done due to stupidity and laziness, and they develop this assumption early on and it just accelerates a burn out. And lastly, medicine is a business. By informing people that they can avoid the vast majority of disease processes by adopting a ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting, would cost them 75%-80% of their customers. People need to be sick in order for them to stay in business so eat and drink the high fructose corn syrup, eat the caramel coloring, eat the carbs, consume the free radicals, because we need your body inflamed to bring on the disease so we can treat the symptoms for the rest of your life. If you owned a restaurant you would not want the customer to eat at your restaurant one time and then never come back. You need regulars. Over time the pills themselves will start causing other disease processes to which they can prescribe more pills and treat with other overpriced tests and procedures, and so we see the self feeding mechanism that keeps the industry highly profitable and the revolving door greased and spinning. In today’s world you have to become your own doctor or you are going to be in big trouble. Educate yourself on nutrition. Consider adopting the ketogenic lifestyle or at least maybe the “caveman diet.” Drink coffee, tea, and water that only you filter and brew yourself and avoid everything else. Ask your doctor as many questions as you need to and stand between him and the door until you get an answer if you have to. Because your doctor doesn’t like you, never will like you, and will most assuredly quietly allow you to die.

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