[Random little rant] i am very happy for anyone who can enjoy the gf Aldi variety!

But I am honestly disappointed sitting here in Germany. I mean, I realized that every country I‘ve been to it is so mich easier to be gf, running around the US east coast I could walk into almost every café ordering a gf sandwich. And here in Germany people look at you in amazement and wonder what the hell I am talking about when asking waiters about the gf options.

Considering Aldi to be an originally German supermarket I do sigh heavily reading about all these awesome gf Aldi products. Here, Aldi offers bread in 4 different varieties and lemon cake. The worst part being that the lemon cake is awesome and always sold out.

So please, if you are a lucky one who can enjoy the LiveGF Aldi stuff, eat some for us! 🙂

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