Need help with dry and cracked hands.

every time i eat dinner (contains bread, nuts, sometimes dairy, veggies and some sort of protein with other fats and carb sources) i get extremely dry hands that i can’t even close my hands without feeling pain. i eliminated nuts for 3 days or so to see if it improves, but they stayed the same or worst. i even bleed sometimes. it gets worst after eating when im with my phone (possible heat from the phone? since the phone feels hot when im using it)

idk what to do. im also extremely bloated at night.

pics of my hands when dry.

worst i’ve seen it i think.

i have ocd and wash my hands several times a day tho.

i asked the doc to do lab testing for gluten intolerance, but he tested for celiac i believe (i asked for gluten intolerance, but after seeing the results and went online i think he tested for celiac and not gluten) and came back negative.

two dermatologist told me they can’t get my warts off until my hands recovers. they just say to use creams.


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