My mum has celiacs and recently i’ve been noticing stomach issues around when o eat gluten, so far cuttong it out has gotten rid of the issues and re introducing it has lead to problems coning back so i guess im gluten free now. I title this photo. ‘when you cant f***ing eat bread’ lol

So.. there are different antibodies.

You have IgA / IgD / IgE/ IgM which have a “permanent” learned response to certain substances. These are secreted through gut mucosa.

Then you have IgG1-4, which aren’t transported by gut mucosa and are a temporary response usually to a protein being somewhere that it shouldn’t, eg. in your blood. Once the protein isn’t seen for 4-8 weeks, your body stops producing those antibodies and you can reintroduce that food again.

IgG1 potentially finds its way into your bowels by “leaky gut” syndrome, bleeding / lesions, zonulin over-expression and various other methods.

If you have non-celiac gluten sensitivity, particularly if this is a new thing, it would be worth checking into your bowel health, eliminating gluten for a few months and then slowly reintroducing it. You may return to normal eating successfully.

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