Been working on my GF Bread recipe – really happy with how it’s coming out!


(N.B. I’ve been using Dove Farms Gluten Free Bread Flour but hopefully it will work with other brands / blends. Also haven’t had access to scales so I’ve used measuring cups / scoops. I will update when I’ve got exact weights.)


4 x 100ml cups of GF Bread Flour (if you can’t find bread flour the double the amounts of xantham and psyllium)

2 eggs (separated)

15ml Cider Vinegar

3tbs Oil

3tbs Olive Oil

1tsp Salt

2tbs Sugar

400ml Water

3 x 1ml spoon of Psyllium

3 x 1ml spoon of Xantham

2 x 5ml spoon of Instant Yeast


  1. Put the egg whites, vinegar, oil, salt, sugar, water, psyllium and xantham in a large bowl and whisk until it froths on the top and is well combined.

  2. Add in the flour and yeast and mix to a smooth batter before adding in the olive oil and mixing further.

  3. Pour into a loaf tin, cover and leave to rest for one hour. It won’t appear to rise but don’t worry that is normal.

  4. Place into a pre-heated 200 Celsius oven for one hour.

  5. Remove from the over, remove from tin and leave to cool completely on a rack.

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