Am I asking for too much? Why can’t this be a thing?

Ah, thank you.

I consider myself a frugal person, so I avoid eating out, and I can cook any type of cuisine we would want to eat out. Having food allergies, I understand how to prevent contamination, and not eating gluten at home made me instantly have a more well-balanced diet as I was no longer consuming bread every day.

I enjoy the challenge of cooking GF– it’s like a problem solving exercise with a condition, and I appreciate the challenge. There’s a lot of GF people at my church and I make sure to label my foods as GF when we have a potluck, and I always get the nicest compliments. I’ve only been cooking (at all) for 2 years, and I learned so that I could provide us both with healthy, GF meals for all 3-meals, each day.

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