anxiety and gluten

So, I have always had anxiety, largely related to health and general stuff. I felt like it got a bit worse when I started birth control, and between June and April I was l consistently eating gluten free and I’m pretty sure I have gluten intolerance as I generally feel better on a gluten free diet both mentally and physically (especially with bloat).

I’ve been a bit lax with gluten lately – as in I eat largely gluten free but maybe have one gluten item a day, like a muffin or crackers – and over the last month or so I’ve noticed my anxiety is really bad, possibly the worst it’s ever been. I got sick a month/6 weeks ago with bronchitis, so I originally chalked it up to that as I have issues with health anxiety and being truly sick for the first time in almost 10 years (not exaggerating, I never get sick lol) set me off. However, I’m starting to wonder if this is also in conjunction with gluten consumption as other symptoms (bloat, gas, stomach cramping, etc) have returned.

Tldr: anyone with clinical anxiety and gluten intolerance (not celiac), do you feel your level of anxiety corresponds with your gluten consumption?

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