My favorite gluten free dairy free fluffy chocolate donut recipe

This recipe makes the fluffiest donuts ever! Double chocolate donuts vegan/gf I did have to make some substitutions because of my allergies to oil, corn,dairy and eggs so fun! s/ and I’m posting them here just in case anyone has similar allergies.

I use King Arthur’s flour instead of Namaste

Coconut sugar instead of cane

Unsweetened applesauce sauce for the canola oil

Plain vegan yogurt in place of banana

And the biggest difference is I add a teaspoon of yeast and prove it for 10 mins to the 1/3 cup of non dairy milk before adding it to the recipe.

Also, I prefer to make a different frosting from the one given. I made mine out of white beans using this recipewhite bean frosting substituting almond butter powder and water for the peanut butter and adding a dash of cinnamon. It sounds really gross but my non gf friends love it! Gotta rinse those beans though, otherwise it will definitely taste beany.

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