Easy gluten free soft chewy bagel recipe. Gf/Df/Egg-Free/low oil

I made a batch of these bagels today!These are a staple in our house for sandwiches as I have yet to find a gf/vegan/low oil bread recipe that doesn’t taste and look like a damp sponge.

If you have one , please let me know!

I love these bagels so much that I wanted to share the recipe I use with you. 🙂

Soft and Chewy Gluten Free Bagels

These bagels are soft and bready on the inside ( not wet or damp!), have a crispy bagel crust on the outside they taste like regular ole gluten filled bagels you could buy in a bagel shop!

I noted the various ways I have stored them in an effort to maintain longevity and freshness below, and since I made a few substitutions due to my own additional dietary restrictions and taste preferences ,I’ll post them here as well. 🙂

Substitutions: Plain vegan yogurt in place of the coconut oil ( they are probably even better with the oil, I just can’t digest the amount they call for in the recipe), I still put coconut oil on my hands to shape the bagels.

A mix of King Arthur’s (3 cups) and gluten free oat flour (3 cups) that I blend myself in the blender.You can use all King Arthur’s and it will still be delicious,I just prefer the mouth feel of using both flours. I use Gluten Free Harvest certified organic rolled oats ( found on Amazon) if anyone is curious.They have been the freshest oats out of all the ones I have used for baking thus far.

I did not use xanthan gum because King Arthur’s already has xg in it and I didn’t want them to become too gummy.

The last difference is I let my bagels rise for 2 hours for maximum fluff and add fresh garlic and chives to the dough to make em extra fancy. Occasionally I’ll blend a medium cauliflower head, strain it through cheesecloth and add the pulp to the dough(adding an additional cup of flour to the recipe )to sneak some extra veggies into our diet. It’s actually surprisingly delicious and extra fluffy.

For me, this recipe yields about 8-10 instead of 12-16 bagels because I like to bake them human sized and not tiny Oompa Loompa sized like most gf bagels.If you prefer your bagels on the smaller side and don’t want to make 12-16 bagels, you can halve the recipe quite easily.

Let them cool for about 30 mins before cutting and toasting or freezing them. If freezing, when ready to eat, just pop them in the microwave for 40 seconds to a minute depending on your microwave, cut and toast as normal.

They will keep in a bread box without getting hard for about 4 days if you cover them in Saran Wrap and in the fridge for about a week but it’s best to just freeze em so they last and retain their same texture. Mine have lasted for up to a month in the freezer with no texture difference!

A great addition to these is using a gf sour dough starter. If you don’t have a recipe , here’s a link for the King Arthur’s Gluten Free Sourdough starter recipe that I use, it works really well in case you want to give it a try.

Good luck my fellow gf baking adventurers!

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