In need of help to balance my diet!

Hi guys,

I’ve been gluten free for a year and a half now, and I’ve cut sugar out of my diet for way longer. But I still feel like my diet is not balanced in the way it needs to be.

So my bowels are very sensitive, hence why I quite eating gluten. When I eat normal portions I get extreem cramps. I tried to cut down and eat multiple smaller portions. But now I’m loosing an unhealthy amount of weight.

Than there is also the third problem that I’m quite poor and do not have the money to create a lot of the recipes that are recommended.

I definitely manage creating glutenfree meals on a budget. Just not the most fulfilling once I guess.

So, how do you guys manage this balance between a special diet, your weight and the expenses?

I just want to create some gluten and sugar free affordable meals and make sure I eat enough that my bowels don’t hurt but I’m also not losing weight. That seems like a lot too ask haha, I’m sorry;)

Also, any suggestions are very much appreciated!

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