How did you first discover that you were gluten intolerant?

My partner has issues with gluten.

He constantly felt tired, anxious, his joints hurt, regular heart burn, digestive issues, etc. Him being a chef didnt give him much luxury to have control over his diet.

Once we moved in together, I suggested we start eliminating certain foods to see if it helps. The first one to go was lactose, which was easy as I am severely lactose intolerant, and had many lactose free foods at home anyway.

Then we removed gluten from his diet, (I knew a lot about gluten rich foods because my best friend here is allergic to it). In a couple of weeks things improved tremendously!

He ate gluten again just confirm our theory, and his stomach was awful again for 3-5 days. Since then he stopped eating gluten, although he does drink normal beer sometimes, which makes him mildly ill.


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