4 months, no gluten… advice needed

Diagnosed with GERD 8 years back. PPIs kept me symptom-free until a couple years ago.

Started experiencing mild nauseau/acid multiple times/day. Drinking water and snacking on something inoffensive (carrots, whatever) would eliminate the symptoms.

Endoscope showed inflammation throughout upper esophagus, stomach, and upper intestine but nothing dangerous – or specific. No blunting of the vili, so that’s good. “Non-specific celiac sprue” only thing the report mentioned so my doctor took me off gluten. (Bloodwork showed negative for celiac, btw.)

Four months later, I don’t feel any different. Doc wants me to stay gluten free until I can see a gastro but the wait time here in Canada is looking like 12-18 months.

If I have “gluten sensitivity” (as opposed to celiac), should I be feeling better by now? At least noticing a difference?


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