GoT inspired birthday cake for husband (GF)

I used Melinda’s red velvet cake mix for cake but died it blue to be like night walkers. Filling is cream cheese frosting Outside is pannelled fondant, the top piece marbled then used a stark stencil to put royal icing direwolf on top. Side panel is marbled then paint edible copper paint. Let it dry then torch with blow torch. Let that dry then roll out slightly to crackle create dragon skin effect. The sigils are a little harder. I printed sigils I liked off the internet, placed sticky tape over them to make stronger then using parchment paper over top piped royal icing to make sigils. I did 12 of most common ones but could only fit 11 on 7inch cake. Let them dry on curve of cake tin for at least 2 days. Painted them with mixture of edible dove grey dust and vodka then stuck on cake eith edible glue.


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