Can you rinse/wash the gluten out of contaminated rice/buckwheat/beans?

I’m asking this because after going through two supermarkets, I realized: Literally everything “might contain gluten”, even a few foods not marked as such(checked producent sites, but only afterwards…). All the buckwheat, the rice, all beans, all spices.

Gluten-free rice/buckwheat are available online, but almost all of those cost 3-4x and at the present, money is tight.

The meal I cooked that I was counting on to last me for the next of 3 days turned out gluten contaminated – I don’t know if it’s the chickpeas(they’re not marked as might contain gluten), or the spices(they are but previously did not cause issues, not in the amounts you use spices in), or if a breadcrumb got into it or what… and I’m desperate.

I can’t survive a week eating only potatoes, sunflower seeds, peanuts, and what few raw veggies I have.

Would strainering rice/buckwheat carefully to get the particulate matter out, then rinsing it several(or fuck several dozen) times? What if I use soapwater for 1 wash and then rinse it out like 10 times more..?

Ha, ha.. I feel like I am going crazy. I can’t handle incident after incident of this bullshit with my mental health…


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