List Naturally Gluten Free Normie Food

On hunch I started eating gluten free foods. Immediately (next day) I feel better and after almost a week my digestion has never been as regular or as healthy. I feel great.

I only eat Cheerios, fruit, peanut butter, GF pasta and chicken and homemade tacos all week. Tacos I made did use flour tortillas so think maybe Im just Gluten Sensitive.

I can eat a plainish diet no problem but this is getting to be too plain for me.

I dont like to cook and tacos and chicken and pasta are the only meals that are in my wheelhouse.

Is there a list of foods that are safe to eat for Gluten Sensitive that dont require to cook or spend arm and leg?

Without Cheerios and peanut butter and fruit probably be starved to dead by now.

Please help.

Thank you.

EDIT: Also I drank vast amount of black coffee

EDIT 2: Also Chamomile tea before bed


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