Help me settle a debate about keeping gluten free items frozen

I work part time managing a grocery store while I’m in grad school. I keep finding gluten free desserts (like kinnikinnick) donuts on the shelf near the bread. It says “keep frozen” on the box, so I figured it was just an annoying customer leaving the item after they changed their mind.

This started to happen more and more, so I left a note for the bakery asking if they knew anything. It turns out the bakery manager has been the one doing it! And she disagrees with me and thinks it’s fine to leave them out—she made a display of Glutino English muffins today, sitting out at room temperature. I know not everything gluten free needs to be kept frozen, but these specifically say on the box to keep frozen because there are no preservatives.

I’m not gluten free, but I would not want to buy something sitting at room temperature that has “keep frozen” on the box. We know the shelf life if it’s in the freezer, but who knows how long it’s been sitting at room temperature?

I told the store owner and he says he’ll look into it, but for the now the bakery is holding fast. Am I insane? I had no idea this would be controversial…

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