Please HELP


I am not sure if this is allowed to be posted here but I really need some help.. I feel helpless and no doctor seems to take me seriously.

Over two years ago, I had very bad stomach problems out of nowhere. I had diarrhoea for about a month and I was told by the doctor that its probably just a virus and nothing serious. I really really struggled that month and became very depressed, not wanting to leave the house. Slowly my symptoms started to fade away after a month but I was very caution with food, was only eating very bland food and no alcohol, etc. I went to see my doctor a couple of more times after this and all I was told is that I have IBS. No tests, no nothing.

Then, I moved to Korea for half a year and was eating mostly rice and I think a gluten free diet? My symptoms were as good as gone over there. I came back and my symptoms with it. I feel very very nauseous in the morning, to the point where I need to force myself to eat food. I need to eat breakfast because my body cant deal with not eating, I have almost fainted a couple of times because of not eating. Also, my stomach is so upset in the morning that I need to run to the toilet 2-3 times within the span of 1-2 hours. Mostly my stools are very lose, unformed. Very often I feel like I will not be able to hold it in…

My stomach seems to get better towards late afternoon / evening. Yesterday, I went to the pharmacy to get some live cultures as a supplement. I tried them a while ago and they did seem to help for about a month while I was taking them. However, once I stopped my stomach was back to the way it was before. So yesterday I went back to the same pharmacy I got them last time. The lady there was asking me about my issues, and she said her daughter used to be in a similar boat as me and asked if I ever considered that I might be gluten or fructose intolerant (I have already cut out lactose of my diet years ago). I told her that I thought gluten intolerance would show by having bad skin and other symptoms.. she said that everyone is different and I should very much consider getting tested for gluten.

My doctor is on holidays for the next two weeks so I need to wait to get tested. However, I feel so shit all the time and I cannot deal with this any longer. I am trying to study for an exam but my stomach is really not helping… I feel so helpless and starting to get depressed. I do not want to leave the house because I am scared there is not a toilet around when I need it.

Please someone help me. How did you discover your gluten intolerance or sensitivity? Could it be possible I have that? How would it explain my stomach getting better in the evening?

Also, this morning after eating my regular breakfast (which is bread with some ham most of the time), I paid attention to how my stomach felt. I experienced sharp pain and almost immediately had to run to the toilet. This is always the case in the morning… I honestly cannot do this anymore


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