Restaurant staff ‘forced a 12-year-old boy to eat outside’ after he brought his own gluten-free food to eat while on a school trip

I used the article’s title for the Post Subject.

The part of the article that really hit home with me was this:

“The restaurant refused the boy’s request [to eat his homemade gluten free meal] and offered to prepare him a gluten-free meal. The boy turned it down because he ‘didn’t trust the restaurant to safely prepare’ his food, the court filings states.”

How may people do YOU trust to prepare your gluten free meals? I trust very, very few. I am 2 weeks away from opening a gluten free restaurant because of it.

A couple of years ago I was in a monastery in extreme northern Italy (actually over the border) and I had gone back and forth with them several times over the course of 6 months preparing for this trip. We checked in with the brothers, made the standard “I am the celiac sufferer who cannot eat gluten and must eat gluten gluten free” introduction which was received with an emphatic “Yes, yes, we have been expecting you!” grin with arms outswept to greet me. Everything seemed to be going fine. We stopped by the kitchen and talked to the chef who seemed cordial and happy about things. Then came dinner. We were told several times, to the point of condescension, that tonight we could eat anything but the actual basket of bread. Dinner was sparse, a thin soup with a little meat, some sliced loosely held-together sausages, some cheese, and a basket of bread. All very local. The soup was good and, while thin, it had a certain consistency that I have trouble getting in my soups. So, 1/2 a bowl in, we asked if it was REALLY gluten free? The brother went to ask the chef (again) and came back saying, “No, the soup has flour in it.” I ate no more soup 🙁 but enjoyed my stay knowing that only people who ‘really understand’ (what what does THAT mean?) can be trusted.

I have had friends buy a new ketchup, just for me (‘new’, you see), which had gluten. I have had friends, who I like and I think like me after god knows how many years, bring gluten free cookies to a concert–made of spelt flour, but assuring me to take what they ‘know’ over what I ‘know’–right before a 3-1/2 hour concert. Or 3-1/2 hours in a port-a-john if I had eaten those cookies. Not evil people but well-meaning who just do not understand. Sounds like the world right now, right?

The point being, people do not understand how sever a reaction can be and therefore they do not understand how important it is to avoid those consequences.

I also say, “People should wait tables at least once in their life” for sort of the same reason. To help people understand.

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