Gluten Free Neopolitan Style Pizza, cooked in my Ooni Koda (Caputo Fioreglut)

I’ve been using Caputo Fioreglut for a few months now, following this recipe and method (although sometimes I use a bit more yeast and have dough ready to go in ~2-3 hours).

Recently came across the opportunity to purchase an Ooni Koda – a gas fired pizza oven which is ultra portable and can be taken apart and cleaned very thoroughly after each use. It reaches such a high temperature that gluten Free pizzas cook in under 3 minutes, gluten pizzas even faster.

Our pizza routine always starts with a clean oven and stone, prepare all the gluten free pizzas (I always cook extra and freeze them), then move on to the gluten pizzas to feed the masses. Once we’re done, take the oven apart and clean the stone very well to get rid of any leftover gluten.

This is my latest one from last Saturday!


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