Gluten sensitivity, intolerance or a false positive?

Some time ago, I did some blood tests due to intestinal problems (IBS – chronic constipation, bloating gas retention, brain fog, fatigue, etc), and regarding antibodies and the only one who came back positive was antigliadin IgA (23.00 UI/ml). The rests Anti transglutaminase IgA/IgG, antigliagin IgG and anti Saccharomyces cerevisiae IgG and IgA came back negative. My gastroenterologist said such results are not certain and could be an unrelated autoimmune reaction or mild sensitivity, but I don’t trust her very much and I really can’t afford a better one in the private sector, so I have to rely on a public health system. The test also covers the levels of nutrients in the body (B12, Vitamin D, Iron, Folic acid etc) as well as gut inflammation (via fecal calprotectin) but all those levels are fine. Has anyone had similar symptoms and test results ?

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