New to GF and struggling — Vitacost recommendations?

Hi! I’m new to eating GF and I just do not have access to any place with a ton of options. I am taking it in spirit, but I would love to hear what everyone recommends from Vitacost? They seem to have the best prices with the widest selection — except I’m struggling to figure out what to order!

If it matters, I am suspected Celiac (waiting for blood test results & after a bad reaction yesterday from accidentally eating yogurt with minor contamination; 3rd party DNA shows me as having DQ2.2 gene).

I have struggled so far with meals, snacks, and sweets so far — I currently live in a shared space, but will be moving to my own apartment in July so I’m also open to baking recs to keep in mind for the future.

tl;dr: tell me what you love from Vitacost so I can stop crying in my limited and overpriced grocery store. Also open to other places I should know about!

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