2-Clove Garlic Paleo Mayo (Ermahgerd!)

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I’ve always been a hardcore mayonnaise addict. Ever since I was a kid, I was loading my sandwiches up with the stuff. And if I’m being perfectly honest, I was more than a little worried about missing my beloved mayo when I first switched over to a healthier diet. Thankfully, I was worried about nothing, because there are so, so many wonderful mayo recipes out there that fit any healthy lifestyle. Take this 2-clove garlic paleo mayo for example. You only need a handful of ingredients to make it, but it’s the addition of the two garlic cloves that really make this recipe. It adds that potent garlic flavor that we all know and love, but without the fillers and additives in store-bought mayo. This goes great on sandwiches, as salad dressing, as dip, or even as a base for sauces and soups. It’s quite versatile if you can get creative with it!

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